We are an established premiere North Sea independent supplier of Drilling, Completion and Intervention operations related Rental Equipment, Inspection, Calibration and Wellhead Services.

Flowline Rental asset portfolio include Flow Iron, Hub & Flange Pipe, PCE, HP Hoses, X-Overs, Rig Equipment, Chicksan Packages, Iron Containers, HP & LP valves, Bespoke Machining, Flanges & Seal Rings

Iron Management Flowline Service offerings include Flow Iron recertification / refurbishment, Storage and Management

Measurement & Instrumentation Services include Flow Meter and Data Logger rentals, Calibration, Inspection and Recertification

Wellhead Offshore Service offerings include Wellhead Maintenance and Well Integrity management including annulus top ups, X-Tree removal, Valve Refurbishment, Digital Pressure Services, Ecometers & Sealants, and HP Pump Units and Accessories

Nemesis Equipment asset rental portfolio includes Mud Vacuums, Pressure Washers, Diaphragm Pumps, Sludge Pumps, HP Pumps, Hoses and Accessories

Intervention Energy Services

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Intervention Rentals

Intervention Rentals offers a unique service to the energy industry, in particular, to well services, well integrity, well drilling & completions, flow back & testing and pipeline process / commissioning services.

Our services range from rental to maintenance, inspection, calibration and recertification of customer owned equipment, giving a full in house equipment management offering.

Intervention Rentals is the premier independent supplier of Well Service related rental equipment in the North Sea. Our extensive rental asset portfolio includes Flow Iron, Hub & Flange Pipe, PCE, HP Hoses, X-Overs, Rig Equipment, Chicksan Packages, Iron Containers, HP & LP valves, Bespoke Machining, Flanges & Seal Rings, Atex Diesel and Air Driven Pumping Systems, Flow Meters and Data Acquisition Systems.

Our service division specialise in providing all equipment and personnel to perform Wellhead Maintenance, annulus top ups, echometer services, specialist pumping and subsea pumping solutions, testing for well integrity operations, leak repairs and sealant services. Our flow measurement division provides flow metering solutions for most gases and liquids. Our flow meter calibration facility is approved by TUVNEL.

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Intervention energy services

We offer a full range of Iron Recertification and Non-Destructive testing services to ensure our customers' Flow Iron is compliant to industry standards, ensuring flow integrity through the most thorough and proven process.

We provide on site mobile units for both short and long term inspection needs with our service centre based in Longview TX and operations in the Haynesville, Permian, Eagle Ford and Woodford basins.

Services provided are:

  • Real Time Asset Management
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Go / No-Go Gauging
  • Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • Visual Inspection
  • Paint and Surface protection
Reduce your Capex spend, rent with assurance
Let us manage your flow line assets at our facility
Fully certified assets to your delivery point, every time
Let us manage your Treating Iron / Flow Line
Don’t throw away, let us refurbish it
Don’t buy new, we will rent you it

Middle East Partners

Gulftek - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Flowline Rentals & Sales
Hoses, X-Overs, Flanges and Accessories

Petrotec - Qatar

Flowline Rentals & Sales
Hoses, X-Overs, Flanges and Accessories


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Lunan Bay

Intervention Rentals
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Intervention RentalsPetroleum Technology Company W.L.L Service & Technology Center, QP West Support Services Area Ghuwairiya Street, IR# 1, Ras Laffan, Qatar


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WHITL first year

IRL’s WHITL (Well Head Test Logger) has successfully completed it’s 100th well integrity test. In the 1st year, the WHITL delivered £250,000 equipment & personnel savings

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WHITL KRONOS TM – The Evolution of Pressure Testing

INTERVENTION GROUP LAUNCH WHITL KRONOS TM at OTC, the evolution of pressure testing, with real time automatic pass fail determination.

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Intervention Rentals acquire Nemesis Equipment Limited

Intervention Rentals acquire Nemesis Equipment Limited, a niche manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary drilling equipment to the oil and gas industry.

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