Wellhead Services

Offshore Service offerings include Wellhead Maintenance and Well Integrity management including annulus top ups, X-Tree removal, Valve Refurbishment, Digital Pressure Services, Ecometers & Sealants and HP Pump Units and Accessories

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Wellhead Maintenance

Intervention Rentals is a leader in the provision of surface wellhead maintenance services. We strive to provide the highest standard of service quality for our customers whilst completing routine wellhead maintenance work scopes which include:

  • Wellhead integrity pressure testing using our WHITL TM
  • Gate valve repairs and replacements
  • Actuator valve repairs and replacements
  • Greasing and functioning valves
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Well Integrity Management

Intervention Rentals has over 10 years’ experience using multi-disciplined technicians to complete Well Integrity Management work scopes. We ensure our customers understand the well parameters using the following services to enhance the life of the well:

  • Annulus integrity testing
  • Ecometer / Liquid level surveys
  • Wellhead leak sealant repairs
  • Control line Isolations
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The handheld WellHead Integrity Test Logger (WHITL), with KRONOS software, maximises the efficiency of testing by letting the technician know that any pressure test being conducted will be a pass or a failure. In addition, this tool removes the technician from the testing zone making this system the safest testing tool on the market.

This net-zero digital testing tool removes the need for pens, paper, printers, scanners, and mobilising various sizes of chart recorders for low pressure to high pressure testing.

On completion of a pressure test, the data is placed onto a chart and can be emailed from the well site within minutes to the well examiner/ approver.

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Container Management

Intervention Rentals' in house container management allows us to provide bespoke certified containers for our customers. The containers are available in any size and can be tailored to meet the requirements of any job. All containers are provided with a workbench, storage, and lighting.

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  • Our purpose built containerised packages provide a complete solution for annulus top up and testing operations and is specifically designed for annulus top up operations.
  • Annulus Top ups are carried out with live measurement of all casing strings, hanger voids and packoffs.
  • Data acquisition systems are utilised to provide in depth reports of all pressures and volumes to highlight any integrity issues.
  • Liquid treatments including biocides and oxygen scavenger are injected via a chemical injection pump or by pre-mixing.


  • Annulus top-up and testing units
  • Scale inhibitor/treatment systems
  • Temporary service water pump systems
  • Subsea pumping systems
  • Fluid transfer pumps
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