WHITL KRONOS TM – The Evolution of Pressure Testing

INTERVENTION GROUP LAUNCH WHITL KRONOS TM at OTC, the evolution of pressure testing, with real time automatic pass fail determination.

The chart recorder has been the preferred method of recording pressure tests, an instrument that has not changed for over a century. Charts created are time consuming, subjective, lack resolution and are hard to store or share. For this reason Intervention Group developed the WHITLTM data logging system and Kronos TM software. The WHITL TM is a battery powered, hand held, Zone 0 hazardous area display unit and is built to maximise efficiency and deliver definitive results while at the test location. Test information from all 4 channels and flow meter are displayed in numeric and graphical format. Kronos TM software delivers a high accuracy, high resolution digital solution with real time automatic pass fail determination. The WHITL Kronos TM system is the evolution of pressure and flow testing, reducing job time and increasing resolution. Applications include Well Integrity testing, Pressure testing, BOP testing in accordance with API 53, Pumping Operations, Inflow Measurement and many more.