Intervention Rentals stock one of the largest and most modern rental fleet of pressure control equipment in the North Sea sector. We specialise in the provision of flanged riser, spool sections and flanged crossovers.


Range from 1″ – 13.5/8″


From 100 – 15000psi

All equipment sourced from manufacturers of international recognition, has full traceability and complies with API 6A / SI 913 and NACE-MR-10-75 requirements.


Flanged riser supplied in sections ranging from 6ft – 20ft

Spool sections from 1″ – 13.5/8″

Flanged pump – in tee pieces

Rotary connection pump – in tee pieces

Rotary connection lifting sub – assemblies

Flanged auxiliary gate valves

Specialised hub crossovers

Choke manifolds

Valve manifolds

General flanges – blind, spacer and ported

Intervention Rentals UK has built its reputation within the Oilfield Sector, on the back of its Flowline Rental Division which is renowned for its prompt and efficient delivery of reliable and certified equipment with the assurance of the highest quality and service.

Intervention Rentals UK are also able to source Pressure Control Equipment thus offering a vast range of fully certified equipment.

Ram Type BOPs

Annular/Diverter Type BOPs

Accumulator Units

Riser Sections

Drilling Spools

Bolt Torque Equipment

Technical Support

Ram Blocks

Manual & Hydraulic Gate Vales & Check Valves

Choke/Kill Manifolds

Lubricator Sections

Wellhead Connectors

Pressure Testing Equipment



Intervention Rentals stock a full range of rental inventory to support flowline installations.


Flowline pups and straights up to 20ft. lengths

Flowline tees, elbows, crossovers, Y’s and swivels

Flowline gate, ball, check and plug valves


Filter subs

Size range – 1 to 6″

Pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi, standard and H2S service

Anaconda hoses of 5000 & 10000 psi rated

All equipment is manufactured by manufacturers of international recognition

All equipment is inspected prior to and on return from each rental contract

All equipment subject to annual NDT and pressure testing

BV approved equipment integrity assurance scheme

Certification can be supplied in hard copy or in electronic format









Line Pipe




1/4″ – 8″, various lengths


up to 30,000 psi


standard and H2S


Black eagle: acidising, cementing, chemical injection, control fluids, well stimulation
Bulk rig supply: base oil, barite, brine, cement, diesel oil, mud, potable water
Choke & kill: for all drilling applications
Chemical: acid and chemical suction / delivery suitable for 98% of existing chemicals
Coflex: for all drilling applications
Delivery: bulk material delivery, barite / cement etc
Fuel: fuel / oil suction & delivery for general on / offshore applications
Grout: cementing and general fluid transfers
Gas expert: natural gas / hydrocarbon
Hydraulic: for all general hydraulic applications
Production: live crude oil, gas injection, gas lift, tie in, riser and flowline
Well test: for all well testing applications


Intervention provide a wide range of ATEX certified, hazardous area pumping systems, including:

  • Diesel driven high pressure high volume well servicing pumps
  • Electrically powered centrifugal pumps
  • Pneumatic piston reciprocating pumps
  • Pneumatic diaphragm reciprocating pumps

Well integrity testing

Scale inhibition


Temporary service water pump systems

Hydrocarbon recovery

Chemical injection

Pressure testing


Pumping and well integrity operational requirements often fall between the flexibility of pneumatic driven pump units and the high pressure/high rates delivered by cement pumps.

Intervention Rentals have developed an ultra lightweight compact modular fluid pumping system. The system is capable of delivering fluid at over 2 BPM and pressures of 5000 PSI with a max lift weight of 1.5 Tonnes per skid (2 skids only). The modular ATEX pump system comprises of a lightweight diesel power pack and a triplex pump. An electric submersible pump can easily be added to the system for sea water operations. The rates available from the system allow top up operations to be completed considerably faster than if using pneumatic pumps. Packaging the engine and pump in individual skids reduces the lifting weight to 1.5 Tonnes each. The unit’s innovative fluid recycling system means that delivery rate and pressure can be controlled individually giving previously unattainable levels of control from a diesel pump. This control and rates available allow it to be used for well kill operations at a rate of 2 BPM at 1650 PSI. Further expanding this versatility is the ability to change the pump plungers in the field to tailor the delivery characteristics to a variety of tasks.


Our temporary water systems are available to provide service and operational water across a wide range of delivery conditions. Systems vary from the simple and easy to deploy “over the side” electric submersible pumps (ESP’s) up to larger systems combining multiple ESP’s and diesel driven positive displacement pumps.

For operational applications the use of “over the side” systems remove the need to modify existing structures in order to secure the pump and provide a means by which fluid requirements can be met without the need for bulk storage tanks.

The deployment of large volume ESP’s, either over the side of a platform or down through a caisson, provides a reliable solution to platform service water requirements. A proven record in long term deployments of ESP’s in adverse sea states gives the confidence that on board ops can be conducted without interruption.

All systems can be tailored to fit the exact needs and are mounted in DNV frames for ease of movement. Intervention’s systems are capable of lifting high volumes of water from sea to deck level and are suitable for all types of offshore structures.



Intervention Rentals has built a market leading reputation as a flow measurement/flow meter rental company to the oil and gas industry. This focus on the oil and gas industry has necessitated a level of competence and assurance that does not exist in the broader market place.

Whether measuring flow rate, volume or any of the other myriad process variables IRL have the means to do so with confidence. The flow meter rental fleet covers technologies from positive displacement and turbine meters to the new generation of ultrasonic and coriolis meters. These technologies along with in house application engineering ensure that the most suitable technology is provided and that both accuracies and confidence in the measurement are at the highest level possible.

Gas flow measurement does not lend itself to a one size fits all approach. The effects of pressure, temperature and compressibility can compromise measurements if not accounted for and when high accuracy is required. IRL’s gas flow meter rental fleet covers coriolis, ultrasonic, differential pressure, cone, vortex, turbine meters and orifice plates. The range of available equipment allows an approach that balances function and cost against the degree of complexity required to achieve a measurement in the most efficient manner possible. IRL’s experience in the measurement of wet hydrocarbon gas, high pressure nitrogen blow downs, air compressor delivery rates, annular gas cap bleed off is unrivalled within the market place.

For liquid measurement IRL offer an extensive range of meters led by the robust and highly accurate coriolis through to industry standard turbine meters. Along with typical water, oil, glycol measurements IRL specialise in the traditionally hard to achieve liquid measurement applications such as low flow rates or aggressive/abrasive fluids. Past applications have included high concentration sulphuric acid, water and oil based drilling muds, liquids with slug flow gas, high rate/high pressure fluid injection and flow rates as low as 0.008 litres/min.

With an in house calibration, testing and laboratory facilities IRL offer a service that covers all aspects of flow metrology. Equipment is supplied configured for your application along with all applicable certification and documentation. In addition pre-mobilisation ATEX inspections are performed to suit the deployment area zoning. Once a metering solution has been engineered IRL’s applications team are able to provide technical support/verification of data or to mobilise a measurement engineer for the operation or as part of a larger team.

IRL’s varied and diverse experience, extensive equipment base, coupled with experience in well service applications place them at the forefront of flow measurement applications both within and beyond the oil and gas sector.

Recording information during an operation has long been standard practice across a variety of industries. Traditionally readings were noted down manually, however, new generation data loggers give a true record of operation in an easy to use package.

IRL’s range of simple to use, reliable data logging packages allow the recording of multiple inputs in a compact and robust housing. The loggers are certified for use in hazardous environments including offshore and are fully ATEX compliant. These units have intuitive operation giving reduced set up and download times.

The data loggers can record many input types such as temperature, flow, and pressure and can be supplied as a stand along unit or as part of a system. Recorded inputs can be presented to the user in a digital and real time graph by means of a touch screen display. Data is recorded tonon-volatile memory, sample frequency can be as little as one second. The resultant data is transferrable in a format that is readable in Microsoft Excel via a supplied USB memory stick.

Measurement engineers can accompany the equipment for set up, operation and interpretation of logged data, allowing the data to be available to onshore engineers immediately.


Pressure measurement is an integral component of any fluid transfer operation and is critical in ensuring that safe working limits are observed.

Commonly used analogue pressure gauges and chart recorders give an indication of line pressure but lack accuracy and repeatability. Pressure transducers offer excellent resolution and accuracies far in excess of mechanical measurement technologies.

Intervention Rentals offer pressure transducers covering a range from -1 to 1000 Barg, to suit most fitting types including WECO 1502, BSPP and NPT. Fluids including gases, H2S and drilling muds can all be accommodated and transducers can be incorporated into customers systems or used in conjunction with one of IRL’s data logging systems.

Also available are battery powered digital pressure recorder gauges. Packaged within an ATEX compliant compact housing these gauges include a local display and an internal memory allowing pressures to be recorded and downloaded as a graph. The digital pressure gauges bring the chart recorders function into the modern age offering superior accuracy and resolution. Sample times are configurable from one second up to one sample per day allowing long term pressure trends to be established.

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