The Intervention’s finger grab is a new concept in junk retrieval.

The finger grab is a totally new concept in downhole junk removal. This efficient tool uses hydromechanical fingers to actually reach under the junk and securely trap it inside for virtually complete retrieval in one trip.


The Intervention internal pipe wiper is the perfect solution for removing drilling fluids from the internal wall of tubulars.


Intervention’s mudloc valve is a simple cost effective mud saving and environmental tool.

The patented mudloc operating system comes in cartridge form, this permits the valve to be completely rebuilt in minutes, even on the rig floor.

All mudloc valves are built and designed to meet both API-8C and API-7 requirements. The cartridges are coated with tungsten carbide on flow path areas to give long operating life.

All valves are supplied with full certification, documentation as required by the customer.

The Mudloc System Eliminates the Following:

Utilisation of the I.B.O.P. valve as mud-saver valve

Dramatically reduces I.B.O.P. valve failure and maintenance costs

Reduces rig downtime for I.B.O.P. change-out due to failure

Potential environmental damage due to mud spillage

Mud spillage on the rig floor, enhancing rig crew safety

Pop-off valve activation due to failure to open I.B.O.P. valve

Helps to prevent partial I.B.O.P. ball valve opening

H.S.E. issues involving rig crews with toxic and damaging fluids

Unnecessary costs due to spilt and contaminated mud



The Intervention mud stinger permits casing fill up and circulation of the well at any time, helping to avoid stuck pipe problems before they happen.

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